Sunday, August 27, 2006


Sustainable Development is development which takes account of Social, Economic, Environmental and Technological dimensions. Development which came with industrial revolution and associated innovations in Science and Technology without heeding for environmental repercussions have resulted in many environmental problems which are evident daily. At an unprecedented rate natural resources are depleting, global climate is changing, most lands are becoming unproductive, natural disasters are reported from all over the world and health and safety problems faced by the human population are daily getting more complex irrespective of the advances in the field of medical science. Lack of development also result in many environmental complexities like over exploitation of natural resources, malnutrition etc. Hence it is incontestable that for the betterment of the society and natural environment development must continue but in a sustainable manner.

The theme of the 10th Annual Forestry and Environment is “Forestry and Environment for Sustainable Development”. The symposium organized by the Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura is held for the 10th time this year. The objective of this symposium is to provide a neutral forum for research scientists and practitioners in the field of Forestry and Environmental Science to present and deliberate their findings in front of peers and policy makers. This document contains 59 abstracts of papers under Forest Resource Management and Utilisation, Natural Resource Management and Utilisation, Ecosystems and Ecosystem Management, Plant Propagation and Tree Improvement, Pollution Control and Waste Management, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Agricultural Practices. The key points and recommendations emerging from these presentations will be very useful in formulating strategies for Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka. Each session will be preceded by a theme talk by an eminent scientist in that field.

We wish to acknowledge the financial support granted to us by the University Grants Commission, the Forest Resource Management Project and the National Ozone Unit. The publication of this abstract was sponsored by the Forest Resource Management Project.

We also wish to thank all invited guests, authors, participants, theme speakers and chairpersons of sessions and supporting staff who made this event a reality. We wish all participants a thought provoking and rewarding symposium.

Symposium Organising Committee
Department of Forestry & Environmental Science
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
2nd December 2005

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