Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Mangala De Zoysa & M A P D P Wickramaratne
Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna

The agricultural and forest resources in Sri Lanka are diminishing while the population is still growing. Hence, designing of resource-efficient agro-forestry systems has considerable potential not only to improve forest and agricultural production but also to enhance and maintain overall productivity of sustainable small farm units. The different types of agro forestry systems in the country are highly diverse and complex in characters and functions. However, the productivity of agro-forestry system and the role in environmental conservation are lower than their potential due to lack of proper management practices. Green Productivity (GP) approach emphasizes the sustainable development of agro-forestry systems enhancing productivity and using resources efficiently while protecting the environment.

The paper attempts to discuss the concept, methodology, principle stage, implementation strategies and impact assessment of GP approach with the view of sustainable development of agro-forestry systems in Sri Lanka. The GP concept emphasizes environmentally sound technology transfer to keep agro forestry systems competitive; environmental regulations to extend farmers responsibility; and cleaner production enhancing productivity and environmental performance of the agro-forestry systems. The methodology of GP would consist of problem-solving steps, selecting tools, techniques and technologies useful for solving problems in agro forestry and application of socio-economic and environmental principles and values for agro-forestry improvements. The six principle stages of GP are described in terms of getting started to gain base-line information and identify problems in agro-forestry systems: generation and evaluation of GP options to meet the objectives and targets of the agro-forestry system: implementation of GP options involving performance and the targets being achieved: and sustaining GP through corrective options to achieve objectives and targets of the sustainable agro forestry systems.

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