Monday, September 11, 2006


R R S Ariyawansa, S Subasinghe & K M C Fernando
Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna

Vanilla is an orchid spice originated in Mexico It is climbing, branching, and terrestrial orchid growing on trees and shrubs. There is good potential for the vanilla pods in Sri Lanka. At present, 1-2 m long mature Vainila cuttings were used for propagation but demand cannot meet since it is used long cuttings (1-2m) as planting material. Therefore it is important to get more number of cuttings per unit length of the Vanila to meet the existing demand. In this regard, present study was conducted to investigate the effect of cutting length and growing media on growth performances of Vanila. In experiment 01 (Pot experiment), four potting media (coir dust, sand: coir dust 1:1, sand: coir dust: top soil 1:1:1, sand: topsoil: organic matter 1:1:1) and four cutting lengths (one nodded cuttings, two nodded cuttings, three nodded cuttings, four nodded cuttings) were used for the study in the nursery. Experimental design was factorial CRD with 4 replicates. In experiment 02 (field experiment), plants taken from the cuttings with two maturity stages (mature and immature) and three cutting lengths (one nodded cuttings, two nodded cuttings, three nodded cuttings) were used for the field establishment. The experimental design was RCBD with six replicates. Data (Number of leaves, Number of roots and Leaf area) were measured once in three weeks in the nursery and once in four weeks in the field. Data were statistically analyzed by using ANOVA and means were separated by DMRT. In experiment 01, sand: top soil: organic matter 1:1:1 potting media gives good growth performances. Four nodded cuttings are more suitable than others. Maturity and cutting length are significantly affected on growth of Vanilla. Mature cuttings with two nodes shows higher growth performance followed by mature cuttings with three nodes, mature cuttings with one node, immature cuttings with three nodes, immature cuttings with two nodes, and immature cuttings with one node. Therefore potting media of sand: top soil: organic matter 1:1:1 is suitable for filling the poly bags to grow vanilla cuttings in nursery and mature cuttings with two nodes are shown better growth performance in the field.

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